Checked Baggage

Size & Weight

The number of bags, the charges and the allowable dimensions may vary depending on your flight, the fare (Light, Classic ,Flex & Business) and the Class (Economy or Business) in which you are travelling. That is why we advise you to check the specific baggage information either on the Lumiwings website or your booking before every flight.


Travel class Baggage
Economy Light 1x 23 kg
Economy Classic 1 x 23 kg
Economy Flex 1 x 23 kg
Business 1 x 32 kg


  • Excess Baggage refers to any additional item or excess weight of an item up to a maximum of 32 kg per item, after paying the corresponding fees.
  • No item can weigh more than 32 kg. If you exceed this limit, the additional amount must be packed into a new bag, subject to the payment of the corresponding excess.
  • Each baggage can have a maximum size of 158 cm (the sum of height + width + depth) and a maximum weight of 23 or 32 kg, depending on the travel class.
  • We suggest that you put your own personal luggage tag on the baggage, including your contact information, so that you can be reached in the event of an unexpected incident (such as loss).


The amount of baggage you can bring will depend on the age of your child and the type of ticket you've purchased for them.

Infant (under 2 years)

  • One car seat and one stroller included

Children (2 to 11 years)

You can bring the amount of checked baggage that your child's fare type allows

One car seat and one stroller included

Prohibited items in the hold

The following items are not permitted in checked baggage: electronic cigarettes, safety matches, small cigarette lighter (permitted only on one’s person) power banks, and spare lithium ion batteries.