The health and safety of our passengers and personnel has always been our first priority. As the world opens up, find out about the new measures we're putting in place to give even greater peace of mind when you take to the skies.


Face mask is obligatory for all passengers and optional for infants, however you are allowed to remove it so that you can drink water or consume the offered snack. It is recommended that this process be as short as possible so that you and your co-passengers feel safe and secure. Please make sure you bring your own mask as you will need to wear it, from check-in up until after your disembarkation at your destination as well as during the flight. Gloves are not obligatory. During flight and flight preparation, cabin crew are requested to wear protective face mask. Please note that visor masks are allowed only if they are used in combination with a mask. Ffp2 and ffp3 high respiratory protection masks with valve are not allowed since they filter the inhale air and not the exhale air.


Like most airlines, we follow the guidelines and the restriction measures provided by the Official Authorities. Among the instructions is the one for the obligatory use of a mask for all passengers and children. For children aged 0-6 years old, the use of the mask is optional.


The service on board procedure has been adjusted in order to secure the safety and protection of all of us.

  • No duty free or other non-essential product sales on board.
  •  Domestic Flights: All passengers are offered an individual water bottle.
  • International Flights: Prepacked snack and hot and cold beverages service is offered to all passengers.
  • Special dietary requirements or allergies will not be catered.
  • Pillows and blankets cannot be supplied to passengers.
  • Food for infants is permitted on board (If a parent needs to heat a child's milk, we will be more than happy to assist you, as always)


 Our aircrafts cleaning teams are trained to meet our high cleanliness standards to provide our passengers and crew with a safe and comfortable onboard experience.

Our aircrafts are cleaned after each and every flight using a high-grade registered disinfecting product that has been tested to be effective against viruses. 

For all flights, cleaning teams are required to complete a rigorous checklist for cabin cleanliness including disinfecting cabin surfaces and passengers contact areas such as seats, seatback pockets, door handles, tray tables, inflight and floors. 

All common area surfaces in galleys and lavatories are also disinfected using the same high-grade disinfectant.

When our Cabin Crew boards an aircraft they follow a series of procedures, including a visual check of the cabin, toilets and galleys to ensure a clean cabin environment.


Travel Restrictions due to Covid-19

Passenger Locator Form (PLF) for international arrivals and departures from/to Greece

We would like to inform you that based on the Greek Government’s decision, it is compulsory for all incoming (regardless of Nationality) and all outgoing (only permanent residents of Greece) passengers on international flight to any airport in Greece are obliged to have completed the special Passenger Locator Form (PLF) latest the day before departure flight, as defined by the Greek Government. The Passenger Locator Form (PLF) can be found here. (

PASSENGERS ARRIVING TO GREECE: (incoming passengers regardless of Nationality):

  • It is compulsory for all incoming passengers on international flights to fill in the Passenger Locator Form published in the previous day before the flight.
  • An administrative fine may be applied by the Hellenic Civil Protection, if the PLF is not completed. 
  • Passengers will receive a QR code which will be used by the Hellenic Civil Protection for the identification of random Covid-19 test upon arrival.
  • Passengers must hold and be able to demonstrate to the authorities, the QR code on an electronic or printed format, upon arrival. 
  • If a passenger fails to complete the PLF and does not have either a proof of PLF or the QR code, they will be denied boarding. 
  • Urgent cases for travelling falling in the period of less than 24 hours prior flight, will be assessed by Hellenic Authorities per case and acceptance or rejection will be notified to applicants through an email message. The airline is required to check the confirmation e-mail prior to passenger acceptance for boarding.
  • The PLF Process is a process of the Official Authorities of the Greek Government and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection. For any questions regarding the completion and dispatch of the QR code, please contact the Official Authorities.


  • All incoming passengers (regardless of Nationality) from international flights are checked and subject to random COVID-19 test by the Hellenic Civil protection personnel, in predefined areas at the arrivals of each airport, according to their QR Code. If the COVID-19 tests are positive, the Hellenic Government Health Services will inform the passengers and instruct them to follow a supervised 14 days Quarantine.
  • Following the random checks, passengers will be free to travel to their final destination or residence. 
  • International to domestic connecting passengers will be randomly checked to COVID-19 test (as per QR code) and then will proceed to Security Control and their departing gate for their final destination where they will have to compulsory self-isolate until the testing outcome is available. If due to the diagnostic test process, the passenger is delayed and as a result fails to board to the next connecting flight, then the passenger will automatically be transferred to the next available flight for the final destination. 
  • International to international transfer passengers will not go through a COVID-19 test, nor do they need to complete the PLF and will proceed directly to Security Control and on to their departing gate. 
  • Administrative Fines (Hellenic Government) apply to passengers not holding the electronic form- QR code.
  • Passengers are requested to remain in temporary address/hotel, until the COVID-19 test results are published. 

The PLF Process is a process of the Official Authorities of the Greek Government and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection. For any questions regarding the completion and dispatch of the QR code, please contact the Official Authorities. (Tel: 210 5212000).

Information regarding specific travel restrictions can be found here (IATA), here (EASA) and here (European Union)

The information below is being reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis.

As travel restrictions change on a constant basis, please ensure you check relevant Authorities guidelines before you travel.

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