Special Baggage

Sports/special equipment

Sports equipment are subject to special charges and the Airline must be notified at least two working days before the departure. The loading of sports equipment is always subject to space/weight availability.

The maximum weight for each item is 32kg.


Price on line

Per route

Price at Airport- per route

Golf Bag

a golf bag containing clubs, balls and a pair of golf shoes.



Snow/Water Sky

a pair of skis with bindings, snowshoes, snow boots and a helmet or snowboard, bindings and boots and helmet or a complete set of snow kite equipment.

Length of each item may not exceed 2m



Diving Equipment

mask, snorkel, fins, neoprene suit, GAV, regulator, an empty oxygen tank, a lamp (switched off, with the power packed separately, the batteries disconnected from the appliance and protected against shortcircuits). Any underwater speargun should have the spear section separated and if gas-powered should be unloaded. 



Fishing Equipment

2 fishing rods, fishing reel, a small net, a pair of boots, a bait box or a haversack. 

Length of each item may not exceed 2m




a windsurfing board, a sail, a mast, a boom, a waterproof bag; a longboard-type board

Length of each item may not exceed 2m




Length of each item may not exceed 2m



Surf Board

Length of each item may not exceed 2m




- a normal bicycle (with no motor, not an e-bike), single seater, suitably secured with rigid packaging, with the handlebars fixed laterally, the pedals removed and the tyres completely deflated.

- para-bicycle.

Length of each item may not exceed 2m



Musical instruments

All musical instruments the sum of whose dimensions (height, width, length) does not exceed 115 cm and whose length does not exceed 115 cm, and with a maximum weight of 8 kg, can be carried free of charge on board, in a special hard case, instead of hand luggage.

Instruments exceeding this size and weight must instead be transported as checked baggage.

It is recommended that such instruments are carried properly protected in a hard case to avoid any possible damage during the handling, stowing and securing inside the aircraft hold.

If the musical instrument exceeds these limits and you wish to carry it with you in the cabin, you must contact our Call Centre to book an extra seat on the same ticket, at the same fare and in the same booking class. The extra seat may be either Economy or Business class and no taxes are charged. The booking mast be made at least 48 hours before the day of departure,

Instruments carried as checked baggage will be subject to the policy regarding extra baggage fees.

Weapons & ammunition

Weapons and ammunition are not included in the baggage allowance. They must be registered during check-in, subject to payment of a flat-rate surcharge based on the flight destination. Each passenger is allowed to carry a maximum of 20 kg of weapons and a maximum of 5 kg gross per person of ammunition.

Incendiary or explosive bullets or ammunition may not be transported under any circumstances.

  • In carry-on luggage: not allowed;
  • In checked luggage: approval required;


  • Can only be transported if securely packaged. Ammunition can only be transported if it respects Div 1.4S (UN 0012 or UN 0014) in quantities not exceeding 5kg gross weight per person. Allowances for more than one passenger must not be combined into one or more packages.
  • Ammunition must be exclusively for sporting purposes.
  • Firearms must be unloaded and packed in an unbreakable case.
  • The carriage of ammunition with explosive or incendiary bullets is not permitted.
  • Ammunition must be packaged in locked individual metal, wooden or fiberglass containers that are resistant to impacts and fire.
  • Ammunition must be protected against impacts and abrupt movements.
  • When checking in the baggage, you must declare that the firearms are not loaded and that the ammunition has been packed separately, and complete the form provided.
  • Once the firearms have been checked in and tagged, the carrier will provide a suitable escort and handling of the firearms and/or ammunition to the aircraft.
  • Return of the firearm at the destination will comply with local regulations.

The service must be requested when making the reservation, and a fee will be charged for the service:


Domestic Flights

50€ per route

International Flights

70€ per route


Depending on the departure airport, for security measures, further fees may apply separately.

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