Excess baggage & excess weight

Excess baggage is any baggage that exceeds the free checked baggage allowance corresponding to the fare.

The charges listed in the below tables apply in cases of extra or overweight baggage.

Excess Baggage Fees

Fares on line

At the Airport check-in desk

At airport gates

1 piece

25€ up to 20 kg

40€ up to 20kg

50€ up to 20 kg

Cost per kg of extra baggage purchased at airport

10€ per kg up to maximum weight of 32 kg

If you wish to carry an extra piece of baggage which also happens to be overweight, you will incur a double charge.

Pre-purchased baggage is non-refundable. Refunds are possible only under the following circumstances:

  • If there is a flight change due to flight cancellations or delays, or to schedule changes
  • In the event of baggage loss

 In case of rerouting and reissue of your flight, pre-purchased baggage is included in the new ticket. Please, note that if the new baggage’s price is higher, the difference will be charged.