Lumiwings welcomes mums-to-be on its flights!

 Expectant mothers are accepted:

  • Without any restriction, up to 28 weeks of pregnancy;
  • With more than 28 but less than 32 weeks of pregnancy will be accepted under a Medical

Certificate and a Liability Release Declaration must have signed by the expectant Mother;

Expectant mothers are not accepted:

  • Under any circumstances in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy

Attention: Expectant mothers will only be accepted for travel if the return date does not exceed the above mentioned limitations.


The Medical Certificate should be dated as close to your travel date as possible and cover you for your entire journey provided you do not require any medical care during your trip.

The medical documentation must always be brought to the airport in paper format and made available for the necessary checks at the airport.

Please keep this certificate available in your hand baggage at all times during your flight.

If you are travelling on a return flight, please make sure the certificate covers you for the whole period.