A weekend in Lodz

What to do during a weekend in Lodz

Lodz is the city of contrasts that will intrigue you in every corner. The city, once full of factories, is now characterized by lots of greenery and avant-garde and it will definitely enchant you with its majestic palaces and incredible art installations. Lodz is a creative city, a city of festivals, a city that is slowly being rediscovered in all of its beauty. It is located in the heart of Poland, at the intersection of the country's main highways: one could really say that all roads lead to Lodz!

Did we make you curious? In this article we will show you what to do during a weekend in Lodz!

Day 1

On your first day in Lodz, you can explore Piotrkowska street, one of the most lively and charming places in the city. This street is 7 kilometers long and is the perfect place for shopping, since you will find many shops there. Piotrkowska Street is also considered an open-air art gallery: you can admire the Gallery of the Great Citizens of Lodz, full of statues placed in different spots of the street. These statues represent some important citizens of Lodz while doing bizarre actions, such as changing the light bulb of a street lamp. When walking, you may appreciate many buildings with enchanting Renaissance, Baroque and Liberty style facades.

After exploring Piotrkowska Street, you can take a short walk to the Lodz Museum of Art, one of the biggest modern art museums in the world, that houses numerous artworks by both Polish and international artists.

In the evening you can go back to Piotrkowska Street and head towards OFF Piotrkowska, the center of the city's nightlife where lovers of culture, art and good food meet. Located in a side road of the main street, OFF Piotrkowska is considered the alternative heart of the city, where you can find many restaurants, pubs, clubs, showrooms, artistic and culinary workshops.

Day 2

During your second day, you can visit Manufaktura, a huge mall built inside the former textile factory of the city. There you will find over 250 shops, more than 40 restaurants, bars, clubs, cinemas, museums and even sports facilities, even a bowling alley and a climbing wall. Two of the museums inside of Manufaktura are the Factory Museum, where you can discover the history of the industry that made Lodz one of the most important cities in Poland, and a branch of the Lodz Museum of Art.

From here, in the afternoon you can go to the former power plant of the city, that now houses the EC1, also known as the City of Culture. Here you will find the Science and Technology Center, where interactive science exhibits are regularly held to promote science, the modern planetarium and a 3D spherical cinema.

Day 3

You can spend your last day in Lodz between nature and fun in Zdrowie, the green district of the city. In fact, this area of Lodz is covered for almost a third of green areas, counting over thirty city parks. You cannot miss the main park of the city, J. Piłsudski park, extended for over 250 hectares, where you can rent bikes, skate in the dedicated areas and climb in a climbing park.

The huge park also includes the Botanical Garden, one of the largest in Poland, where it is possible to admire a truly diverse nature with many species of plants and flowers that grow in the Polish land, and the Zoological Garden, that houses over 600 species of animals from South-Asia.

Finally, in here you will also find Fala Aquapark, one of the largest in the country, with several outdoor and indoor pools, water slides, swimming pools with artificial waves, whirlpools, saunas and a spa, creating a perfect place both for fun and relaxation.

What to eat in Lodz

If you go to Lodz, you have to taste the delicious Polish cuisine. Some of the typical dishes are Gołąbki, cabbage rolls stuffed with meat, Chłodnik, a cold soup made with beetroot, Pierogi, the typical Polish dumplings that exist in many different flavors, and Knedle, sweet dumplings made with a potato-based dough stuffed with plums. Lots of restaurants scattered through the city serve all these delicious dishes. You must go and try them all!

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